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Commute Options and Resources

Taking the Metro, riding the bus, biking and carpooling are great ways to save money and reduce your carbon footprint by doing something you do every day - commute to and from work.

Take advantage of the commuter transit benefits now available to most DC workers and hop on one of our many modes of transportation:


Use your pre-tax or subsidized transit benefits on the Metro or regional rail providers:



Use your pre-tax or subsidized transit benefits on all local and regional buses:



Ask your employer if subsidized benefits are available for those who bike or walk to work.



Don’t live near transit, but want to get out of traffic and share the ride? Learn more about finding a carpool with the resources below. Vanpool fares are eligible expenses under your employer’s commuter benefits plan.



Ask your employer about reducing your carbon footprint and the stress of commuting by participating in a telework or alternative work schedule arrangement. Not only do you save on commute expenses, but your employer will also benefit from your increased productivity and job satisfaction.