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Best Workplaces for Commuters

Train station interior scene
The Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) oversees the Best Workplaces for Commuters (BWC) program, a voluntary national standard of excellence for employer-provided commuter benefits, established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Transportation.

CUTR works with a variety of national, state, regional, and local organizations and agencies to challenge employers to voluntarily meet the national standard of excellence. Employers who participate in the program receive the designation "Best Workplace for Commuters"--a mark of excellence for environmentally and employee-friendly companies. By meeting the criteria, organizations also benefit through national recognition for being commuter-friendly and gain access to networking opportunities, webinars, and trainings.

BWC is easy to implement and goDCgo’s Employer Services consultants can assist you every step of the way to help you design and implement the commuter benefits programs you need in order to qualify. To become a Best Workplace for Commuters, check out the benefits needed to qualify and fill out the application (available from the BWC website) and linked below.

Qualifying Benefits