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DC Commuter Benefits Law

As of January 1, 2016, employers with 20 or more employees in the District of Columbia are required to offer pre-tax or subsidized commuter benefits for use on Metro, buses, vanpools and other forms of mass transit.

The DC Commuter Benefits Law was included in the Sustainable DC Omnibus Amendment Act of 2014 to help Washington, DC employees save money on their commutes and to make the District - in one generation - the healthiest, greenest and most livable city in the United States.

View the full text of the law and more information in our Commuter Benefits Toolkit.

Click here to view a webinar recording from goDCgo and Metro. This webinar covers the basics of the law and how to comply through Metro’s free SmartBenefits program. For more information visit

Download the goDCgo presentation: DC Commuter Benefits Law (pdf)

Download the Metro presentation: SmartBenefits (pdf)

Who Needs to Comply?

Organizations with 20 or more employees working in the District of Columbia.

How to Comply

Comply in at least one of the following ways:

1)      Employee-paid pre-tax contribution

Allow employees to set aside income on a pre-tax basis to cover the costs of commuting by mass transit or vanpools, up to $255 per month

2)      Employer-paid direct benefit

Offer a tax-free subsidy for transit up to $255 per month or for bicycling up to $20 per month

3)      Employer-provided shuttle or vanpool

Provide a shuttle or vanpool service at no cost to your employees

How to Set Up a Commuter Benefits Program

For a step-by-step guide to setting up a commuter benefits program and complying with the law, download our Commuter Benefits Toolkit.

Compliance and Enforcement

The DC Department of Employment Services (DOES) is enforcing this measure. For inquiries regarding compliance and enforcement, please contact the DOES Office of Wage-Hour: 202-671-1880 or

Templates and Resources

Commuter Benefits Providers

Transit benefits can be administered in-house at no cost through Metro’s SmartBenefits® program, with pre-tax or subsidized funds auto-loaded monthly onto employee SmarTrip® cards.

Benefits vendors are also available for hire to manage your SmartBenefits® program for you. Payroll tax savings often cover the cost of hiring a vendor.

Visit for information about Metro's free SmartBenefits® program, benefits vendors available for hire and a list of upcoming workshops at Metro.


SmarTrip® is accepted by: ART, CUE, DASH, DC Circulator, Fairfax Connector, Loudoun County Transit, PRTC OmniRide, Ride On and TheBus. Employees may redeem benefits for other transit and vanpool fares such as MARC or VRE tickets via their personal SmartBenefits® account or Commuter Direct.