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Washington Area Bike Forum

goDCgo has partnered with BikeArlington, Local Motion and the Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA) to bring cycling enthusiasts, bike commuters and those occasional fair-weather bicyclists together to talk about traveling by bike. The goDCgo bike forum is the perfect place to share stories, ask questions or offer up your tried and true tips and tricks that your non-cycling friends are sick of hearing about. With over 1,000 posts to date and 118 members, the forum is very active and provides a great community to engage the cycling world. From tips for beginners to maintenance and equipment, there is a topic of interest for everyone!

The goDCgo/BikeArlington/Local Motion/WABA partnership allows cycling to grow throughout the region as a common form of transportation. The District and Arlington County have joined forces through many venues, including the recent launch of Capital Bikeshare, and now happily host this forum to encourage the sharing of ideas and wisdom for bicyclists throughout the region.

To check out the bike forum, visit

Street scene with group of bicyclists