Off-Hours Delivery Program


The District is a dense urban environment with a diverse mixture of land uses that place significant demand on the city’s transportation infrastructure. In 2012, the District was ranked as the most congested area in the nation based on traffic congestion and delay and the estimated cost of congestion caused by truck is $650 million or about seven percent of total commodity value annually in the District. Moreover, truck volumes in the District are projected to grow by 70% for inbound traffic and 137% for outbound traffic by 2040. The management of freight demand and deliveries is a critical issue facing the District.

The District works to ensure safe and efficient mobility of commercial vehicles in the District while mitigating community impacts and preserving infrastructure. DDOT, in partnership with FHWA, will launch an Off-Hours Delivery (OHD) pilot in early 2015. This pilot will provide an opportunity to address and alleviate issues including congestion, efficiency, air quality, and curbside management by encouraging deliveries to be made during non-peak traffic periods.

A financial incentive will be available to participants in the program, more information about the grants will be available in Spring 2015. As an initial step in the pilot program, DDOT is requesting businesses interested in participating in the OHD pilot fill out a survey.

For more information of the program, download our OHD pilot informational flyer.

If you would like more information or have any questions, please contact Laura Richards.

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