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Capital Bikeshare

Capital Bikeshare BicycleA membership with Capital Bikeshare offers 24/7 access to thousands of bike at hundreds of stations throughout the District, Montgomery County, Maryland, and Arlington and Alexandria, Virginia.

Annual memberships are available for $85 and 30-day memberships are available for $28. The 3-day membership is $17 or you can purchase 24-hour memberships for more casual use for $8/day.  Designed for shorter trips, the first 30 minutes are free and usage fees apply after 30 minutes. For more details and to join visit

Membership Fees
Casual 24 - Hour $8
3 - Day $17
Registered Day Key $7
30 - Day $28
Annual $85
Annual with Monthly Installments $96

Usage Fees
0 - 30 minutes FREE
31 - 60 minutes +$2.00
61 -90 minutes +$6.00
Each additional 30 minutes +$8.00
*30-day and annual members receive a 25% discount on usage fees

Bikesharing is designed to be another option for commuters, tourists and residents alike for short trips around town. Rather than getting in your car, you can hop on a bike and head to your destination. You can return the bike to any station so you never have to worry about parking. Each bike is the same with a built in basket to carry your bags, pedal-generated light and fenders to protect your clothing from the occasional puddle or mud.

View this helpful video to see tips on how to use Capital Bikeshare.