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Capital Bikeshare's
Reverse Rider Rewards
Starts June 1

Summer is almost here, which means, of course, that we felt compelled to introduce another Capital Bikeshare competition. So we’re positively enchanted to bring you The Reverse Rider Rewards program! Let’s just say at the outset that this does not involve doing anything backwards on a bike. It would be reckless and irresponsible of us to encourage that sort of behavior.

Having said that, the goal of this contest is to encourage Capital Bikeshare annual members to move bikes from “typically full” stations to “typically empty” stations during the weekday morning rush hours as a way to supplement everything our team is doing to keep the system balanced.

At this point, you’re no doubt thinking, “Wow! What an innovative idea. Did they come up with it themselves?” Are you kidding? Of course not! Our own Capital Bikeshare members suggested an incentive program, and we were keen to oblige them. Several large-scale bikesharing programs have also instituted rewards programs to deal with the challenges of bicycle redistribution. Vélib in Paris, for example, introduced an incentive program because, apparemment, Parisians don’t much care for bicycling up hills if this video is any indication. So naturally, we thought, well if the French did it…

And as a reward for your efforts? The great feeling you’ll get from knowing you’ve helped us and your fellow CaBi members out at 8am on a Monday morning! Just kidding. We have prizes. See below for more about what you can win and rules of the contest.

The Rules...

  • The program will operate during the months of June, July and August.  Members who accumulate the most points each month will be richly rewarded with prizes after the end of each month. 
  • Open to annual members only. The perks of annual membership are endless.


How to earn points...
  • Earn one point by taking a trip that starts at a Typically Full Station and ends at a Typically Empty Station. (See bottom of page). Or TFS to TES if you’re into acronyms.
  • Qualifying trips must be taken Monday – Friday between the hours of 8:00am – 10:00am. You know—when you have some free time on your hands. Trips must be completed by 10:00am.
  • Holidays are excluded. Relax!
  • Prize winners and their point totals will be posted on by the 5th of the following month, at which point you will become a minor celebrity throughout the DC region.
  • Members are encouraged to keep track of their own qualifying trip count and share on Capital Bikeshare FB page for the world to see. Don’t be bashful. No one here is going to judge you for your unabashed self-promotion and/or smugness.

The Prizes...

  • The member with the highest number of points at the end of each month will have his or her membership extended one year. Woo-hoo!
  • The next 10 highest point earners will have their memberships extended one month. Nothing to sneeze at.
  • Also, 5 participating members will be drawn at random at the end of each month to have their membership extended one month—so we can let you know that we still think you’re awesome even if you’re not in the top 10.

The Details...

  • Comments/questions may be emailed to Someone will respond to you in a pleasant and professional manner.
  • Multiple qualifying trips per day are allowed (and encouraged!), just not on the same CaBi bike.  If you are motivated to boost your score, make a qualifying trip, then find another way back to a Typically Full Station to pick up your next bike.  Metro, bus, walk, skateboard (rollerblade!), whatevs.
  • There is no need to register to participate in the contest. All Capital Bikeshare annual members are automatically entered.

If you choose to participate, from all of us here at Capital Bikeshare—thank you, thank you, thank you!

Check out the
map of typically full and typically empty stations or click below to see the full list.

Typically Full and Empty Stations

Typically Full Stations (TFS)

1.        13th St & NY Ave NW

2.        Metro Center/ 12th & G St NW

3.        McPherson Square – 14th & H St NW

4.        New York Ave & 15th St NW

5.        14th and G St NW

6.        14th & D St NW/Ronald Reagan Building

7.        19th & E St NW

8.        US Dept of State/Virginia Ave & 21st St NW

9.        18th & M St NW

10.     7th & F St NW/National Portrait Gallery

11.     7th & C St SW/L’Enfant Plaza

12.     North Capital St and F St NW

13.     19th St & Pennsylvania Ave NW

14.     17th & K St NW

15.     17th & K St NW/Farragut Square

16.     21st & M St NW

Typically Empty Stations (TES)

1.        16th St & U St NW

2.        10th St & U St NW

3.        7th St & T St NW

4.        14th St & V St NW

5.        17th St & Corcoran St NW

6.        13th St & East Capitol St NE/Lincoln Park

7.        Lamont & Mt Pleasant NW

8.        Georgia & New Hampshire Ave NW

9.        14th St & Spring Rd NW

10.     20th St & Florida Ave NW

11.     36th St & Calvert St NW/Glover Park

12.     13th St & D St NE

13.     Adams Mill & Columbia Rd NW

14.     14th St & Harvard St NW

15.     16th St & Harvard St NW

16.     Park Rd & Holmead Pl NW

17.     11th St & Kenyon St NW

For questions about the Reverse Rider Rewards competition, please contact

June's Top Riders

Overall Winner:
Greg K.

Top 10:
Xavier A.
Jeffry C.
Bradley E.
Dana E.
Raquel L.
Nadia M.
Bryan P.
John S.
Joseph S.
Patricia S.

Random Drawing Winners:
Bryan G.
Nicolette L.
Julie S.
Matt S.
Anny V.

July's Top Riders

Overall Winner:
Greg K.

Top 10:
Dana C.
James C.
Jeffry C.
Bradley E.
Dana E.
Brent K.
George P.
Matt S.
Patricia S.
Daniel W.

Random Drawing Winners:
Travis L.
Daiane M.
John M.
Alex S.
Paul S.