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The Results Are In!

You did it! The Capital Bikeshare crew would like to offer a big congratulations and thank you to all of our Winter Weather Warriors. Congratulations especially to our Grand Prize Winner:


Robert will win all of the following fabulous prizes:

  • 3-year extension of Capital Bikeshare membership

  • 2 annual Capital Bikeshare memberships to give to friends or family
  • $100 Hudson Trail Outfitters gift card
  • $25 Starbucks gift card


Because the competition was so stiff and our participants so scrappy, we decided midway through the contest to award prizes to everyone who placed in the Top Ten. Here are our runners-up:


2nd Place—Scott Maberry

1-year extension Capital Bikeshare membership

$50 Starbucks gift card


3rd Place—Michael Hurley

1-year extension Capital Bikeshare membership

4th Place—Raymond Scott Harwood

7-month extension Capital Bikeshare membership


5th Place—Michael Farmer

6-month extension Capital Bikeshare membership


6th Place—Beau Blank

5-month extension Capital Bikeshare membership


7th Place—Peter McGrath

4-month extension Capital Bikeshare membership


8th Place—Meghan Gordon

3-month extension Capital Bikeshare membership


9th Place—Jeremy Bailey

2-month extension Capital Bikeshare membership


10th Place—Corey Holman

1-month extension Capital Bikeshare membership


But that’s not all!  Prizes were also doled out for the following “mini” contests:

Perfect Attendance Winners ($50 Revolution Cycles and 2-month membership extension)

Lucas Alvarez, Kathleen Coffey, Meghan Gordon, Michael Halpern, Raymond Scott Harwood, Fritz Heier, Michael Hurley, Peter McGrath, Daniel McGrath, Kate Ryan and Hiroyuki Niwa


Long Haul Winner, January
Isaac Weiler ($100 Revolution Cycles gift card)

Most Saddle Time Winner, January
Beau Blank ($100 Revolution Cycles gift card)

Long Haul Winner, February
Michael Hurley ($100 Revolution Cycles gift card)

Most Saddle Time Winner, February
Robert Solorzano ($100 Revolution Cycles gift card)

Photo Contest Winner
Kip Patrick ($100 Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse gift card)

Random Drawing #1 Winner—Meghan Gordon
($50 Starbucks gift card)

Random Drawing #2 Winner—Corinne Kisner
($50 AMC Theaters gift card) 

Random Drawing #3—Peter Mason
($50 Whole Foods gift card)

Random Drawing #4Thomas Fahey ($50 Trader Joe’s gift card)